All non-resident individuals who wish to open a bank account or purchase a property in Portugal are required, under governing legislation to appoint a fiscal representative, who will act as an intermediary with the Portuguese Revenue ensuring that you are tax compliant.

Below are some of the main responsibilities of TMPARTNERS as your fiscal representative:

  • Register the client with the tax authorities and obtain the fiscal number. All official correspondence relating to your tax affairs in Portugal will be addressed to TMPARTNERS
  • Inform the client of the tax obligations required by the Portuguese Revenue
  • Submit the appropriate tax returns on behalf of the client
  • Ensure payment of all taxes by the client and full compliance
  • Keep on record all the relevant fiscal information relating to the client
  • Provide the Portuguese Revenue with all the information requested (e.g. Tax inspection)
  • Keep clients informed and updated on tax legislation and other relevant matters

  Fiscal representation package for Individuals

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