Portuguese law requires that all non-resident companies owning property in Portugal, must appoint a fiscal representative. At TMPARTNERS our main role as the fiscal representative to a non-resident company is to manage the tax affairs of the company and ensure taxation compliance.

Notification of our fiscal appointment will be sent to TMPARTNERS and all official correspondence relating to your tax affairs in Portugal will be addressed to us. We will then process the notifications accordingly, ensuring compliance and, also avoiding unnecessary fines through delay or failure to respond.

Below are some of the main responsibilities of TMPARTNERS as your fiscal representative:

  • Payment of property transfer tax “IMT”
  • Payment of Council tax “IMI”
  • Production and issue of tax compliance certificate
  • Payment of Corporation tax and Capital gains tax
  • Any change in the jurisdiction where the company is registered will be updated to the Portuguese Revenue
  • Keep on record all the relevant fiscal information relating to the client
  • Keep clients informed and updated on tax legislation and other relevant matters 

  Fiscal representation package for Companies

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